Taiwan CDC PublishTime:2022-04-12

On April 12, the Central Epidemic Command Center announced that starting today, PCR testing originally required at the end of the home isolation and quarantine periods will be replaced with rapid testing, and individuals in home isolation or quarantine will take rapid tests on their own and report the results. Individuals testing negative on rapid tests can be released from isolation or quarantine when their isolation or quarantine period expires.

Adjustments to epidemic prevention measures are listed below.
A. Home isolation:
a. A total of four tests will be required. One test will be taken on the fifth to seventh day of the isolation period, one test on the last day of the isolation period (the 10th day from the next day of the contact), and two tests on the second and fourth days of the self-health management period, respectively. A PCR test originally required when the isolation period expires will be replaced by a rapid test.
b. Individuals who don't have a rapid test kit for the test required on the 10th day should use a test kit provided for a test required during the self-health management period. After the end of their isolation period, such individuals should voluntarily make a request for test kits to the issue authority of their isolation notice, which should help transfer their request to the local health department of their current residence to provide rapid test kits.

B. Home quarantine:
a. The rapid test originally required on the seventh day should now be taken on the 10th day (before the end of the quarantine period); therefore, a rapid test should be taken on the third, fifth and 10th days, and no PCR test will be conducted on the day when the quarantine period expires.
b. Individuals who have not taken the rapid test required on the seventh day are requested to postpone the test and take it on the 10th day; those who have taken the test are requested to take a rapid test on the 10th day using a rapid test kit provided originally for a test during the self-health management period and then contact their local government for more rapid test kits during their self-health management period to complete the two mandatory rapid tests in this period.

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