Accepted Students:

1. Cristell Janette Duarte Cheretti (Paraguayan)

2. Daniil Iliashevich (Russian)

3. Kevin Leroy Louis (Saint Lucian)

4. Phumelele Yvonne Yolanda Siphepho (Swazi)

5. Myriam Cendia Dorilas (Haitian)

NOTE: Accepted students will also be informed by emails. Please complete the Confirmation of Enrollment and upload it onto the application website ( before June 19, 2020. Students who fail to submit this form on time will have their recognized student status cancelled.


Waiting List:

1. Marvin Ryan Duncan (Saint Lucian)

2. Husna Mafaza (Indonesian)

3. Genervive Usumae (Solomon Islander)

4. Guerdjina Salanda Laëtitia Augustin (Haitian)

5. Sudirman (Indonesian)

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