Accepted Students:

1.     Alexa Janeth Escobar Pastor (Honduran)

2.   Apriliani Ismi Fauziah (Indonesian)

3.     Mary Doreen Hataiwapu (Solomon Islander)

4.     Salma Ahmed Saed (Somaliland)

5.     Umalkhair Jama Mohamoud (Somaliland)


Note: Accepted students will also be informed by emails. Please complete the Confirmation of Enrollment and upload it onto the application website ( before June 15, 2022 Students who fail to submit this form on time will have their recognized student status cancelled.


Waiting List:

1.     Ooi Mei Xuan (Malaysian)

2.     Mohamed Ahmed Alin (Somaliland)

3.     Henry Chinedu Egole (Nigerian)

4.     Vincent Kamforzi (Malawian)

5.   Khaled Ahmed Obsiye (Somaliland)

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