On May 7, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it has made adjustments to home isolation measures, which are listed below and effective from May 8.

A. In principle, friends or relatives living in the same residence as confirmed cases will be identified as close contacts, while confirmed cases' workplaces and schools will take self-initiated responsive measures.

B. Principles for issuing home isolation notice:
To preserve adequate public health and epidemic prevention capacities, a home isolation notice will be issued to only family members living in the same residence as the confirmed case and the confirmed case's roommates if the confirmed case is a college or university student; however, individuals with special needs can still apply for a home isolation notice. Starting from the effective date, this measure applies to old and new confirmed cases.

C. The digital fencing system will remain in place for confirmed cases when they are placed in isolation, receive home care, and undergo home quarantine, but it will not be used for people in home isolation.


COVID-19 contact tracing self-reporting system to be launched on May 1 to simplify contact tracing procedures of health departments


On April 30, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that it will launch the contact tracing self-reporting system for confirmed cases (hereinafter, self-reporting system) on May 1.

The CECC pointed out that the self-reporting system will send a text message (from the number 0911514588) to the phone number an individual confirmed to have COVID-19 provided when they got tested or in their insurance. The message will provide them with a one-time link (https://bbs.cdc.gov.tw). After the individual confirmed to have COVID-19 or their legal representative clicks the link and logs into the system, they will be asked to enter the national identification number or the last six digits of the resident certificate number of the confirmed case. Then, they will need to confirm the confirmed case’s personal information shown on the page before being instructed to compile a list the people with whom the confirmed case has been in close contact, such as those who share the same residence, workplace, or school as the confirmed case and related information of these people. The system will send a download link for a contact list template to the epidemic prevention coordinator at the company or school via text message.

The CECC reminded that after confirmed cases submit their personal information, the one-time link will no longer be valid, and editing or filling in information will not be allowed to reduce cybersecurity risks. Furthermore, the self-reporting system doesn't ask confirmed cases to fill in their full name or full national identification number or resident certificate number; such individuals are reminded not to give their personal data to a person or an organization from an unidentified source.


As the domestic COVID-19 epidemic continues to heat up, please cooperate with the following matters of KMU:

1.   If you have been notified by the health unit as a "home quarantine" person or received a notification of "self-health management" or "self-health monitoring", please take the initiative to contact with the Office of Environmental Protection Occupational Safety and Health (KMU Nurse, TEL: 07-3121101 ext. 2278; Email: safe@kmu.edu.tw ), please contact the School Safety Center (07-3220809) during non-working hours.

2. If you have a fever, respiratory symptoms, diarrhea or abnormal sense of smell, please cooperate with the measures of not going to work/ class. If you have a fever, avoid taking antipyretics by yourself. Wear a mask, seek medical attention as soon as possible (do not take public transportation or go to other public places), and simultaneously report to Office of Environmental Protection Occupational Safety and Health.


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