Accepted Students:

1. Tatiana Margarita Maria Vargas Montoya (Colombian)

2. Gesson Elusma (Haitian)

3. Jessica Johannah Barrios (Belizean)

4. Ludmila S Sasay (Liberian)

5. Aerrosa Murenda Mayadilanuari (Indonesian)

NOTE: Accepted students will also be informed by emails. Please complete the Confirmation of Enrollment and upload it onto the application website ( before June 15, 2021. Students who fail to submit this form on time will have their recognized student status cancelled.


Waiting List:

1. Nikiwe Nondumiso Hlophe (Eswatini)

2. Ncamiso Bandile Dlamini (Eswatini)

3. Gerline Innocent Renelus (Haitian)

4. Tran Nhat Van Nhu (Vietnamese)

5. Olimpia Ramy Rena August (Belizean)

6. Apriliani Ismi Fauziah (Indonesian)

7. Hamse Abdirahman Roble (Somaliland)

8. Muse Said Jama (Somaliland)

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